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If you have ever heard about Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, you might have heard about Pho. There is no question that Pho is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. Pho is emblematic of Vietnam. Have you tried it out yet? A true explosion of the senses with every mouthful when it comes to Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Soup (also known as Pho). Below are 6 reasons to eat Pho at least once in your lifetime and, of course, you can eat it as much as you want if you fall in love with this delicious food of Vietnam.

1. Pho Belongs To Vietnamese Cuisine

Words are not enough for describing Vietnamese food. Vietnamese cuisine culture captivates so many people around the world because:

  • The traditional Vietnamese diet is nutritious and healthy. Meals emphasize rice, vegetables and fish, and cooking methods often involve steaming or stir-frying. The Vietnamese people also try to remedy the imbalance by eating the appropriate hot or cold food.
  • Vietnamese food is closely related to Mediterranean cuisine for one singular reason. Both cultural styles believe in fresh ingredients. All three macronutrients of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats do not come from processed factories or packed with preservatives.
  • The Vietnamese cuisine gives great importance to balance and the accurate combination of different flavors and ingredients. The dishes feature simple elements that are colorful and tasty, creating a contrast. They often include sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty flavors, all combined and equilibrated together.
  • With a strong French influence in many of the dishes, Vietnamese foods are fragrant and full of flavour.
  • Eating traditional foods in Vietnam is a stimulating experience for the senses. The eyes are amazed by the diverse colors, the nose by the delicious smells, the ears by the crunchy ingredients, the hands by the delicate textures, and, of course, the many flavors are exciting to the tongue.
  • Vietnam is best known for its age-old recipes, and Pho, the national dish of Vietnam, is one of the long-established food recipes.
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2. Pho Is An Essential Part Of The Vietnamese Cultural Identity

One of the most effective ways to discover a culture is to start with its cuisine. Eating authentic Pho at a good Vietnamese restaurant gives you a chance to come nearer to the nation with a thousand years of history.

3. Pho Is Unique And Delicious

This national staple is made with flat rice noodles, a warming broth and usually sliced beef, or chicken, or beef meatballs. The flavour of this comforting noodle soup can vary greatly across the country, and many establishments load your table with sauces, green herbs and dried spices so you can season your Pho exactly how you like it. Plenty of different variations to be made with this Vietnamese Beef Soup! There is no argument that “Pho Bo” is a mouthwatering, aromatic, flavorsome, and colorful dish

4. Pho Is Unique And Delicious

Because of the meat content, Vietnamese Pho is a good source of protein. A single bowl contains around 30 grams of protein, which is at least half of the RDA of protein. Being combined with plenty of vegetables, Pho gives you a healthy dose of fiber. Both protein and fiber help you to feel satiated longer.

5. Pho Is A Meal For Any Time Of The Day

Now if there is one food in the world that you can eat at anytime of the day, then Pho should definitely be in that category. This Vietnamese Noodle Soup is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can go to a good Pho restaurant near you whenever you are craving for Beef Pho. In Vietnam, they eat “Pho Bo” for breakfast because it takes forever to get the broth cooked just right and will oftentimes start making the broth early in the morning.

6. Pho Can Be Found Easily In Other Countries

You do not have to fly to Vietnam to eat this famous beef-based noodle soup. Vietnamese people are now living in a lot of different countries and starting their own business such as opening Asian restaurants. Now that it has grown so popular, restaurants boasting a specialization in Pho are now almost as popular as your local Chinese takeout or pizza place. There are many top-notch restaurants throughout the United States, diners can pretty much find some true Vietnamese restaurants to spend their meal times there when they have Asian food cravings. Foodaholics will have a bigger chance to discover more nice, tasty dishes to try out beside the well-known, delicious Pho in the restaurant menu.

Vietnamese restaurant 80214 | Pho 2 Love Vietnamese Noodles & Grill Restaurant | Lakewood, CO 80214
Vietnamese restaurant 80214 | Pho 2 Love Vietnamese Noodles & Grill Restaurant | Lakewood, CO 80214

Those reasons mentioned above are just a few reasons why “Pho Bo” is worth it. Not only is traditional Vietnamese Noodles a fantastic winter comfort food, but it is also a nutritious meal that has some surprising health benefits for your body. Taste a real Pho at a top-rated Vietnamese restaurant near you and you won’t be disappointed.